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My Friday Thoughts – Reading on the Move

As previously mentioned in my first post, I tend to mostly read on public transport. It’s a habit I’m very happy to have – even with the risk of missing your stop and potentially ending up in a faraway land (or the next stop down the road). As a proud member of the ‘I risk reading on public transport’ club, here’s a list of why it’s useful to read on the move.

1) Avoid awkward stares

Yes. This is, to me, a big advantage to reading on public transport. Mainly on trains. Mainly when the train is so full, no matter where you look there’s a person’s face. I don’t know about any of you lot, but I’ve had moments when I’ve accidentally made eye contact with a total stranger, not for social interaction of any sort, but because I can’t look at anything else. I’m a naturally awkward person and I find myself internally cringing whenever that happens. So what better way to avoid such awkwardness than to read, find yourself in that world of the book and temporarily forget where you are?

That is for when you’re travelling alone. When I’m with someone, I do talk to them. Luckily I have some social skills.

2) Makes the journey feel shorter

I regularly commute on the same route and though I still look outside to see the views, it can get boring, especially when you’re stuck in traffic for ages or it’s so dark outside all you see is the reflection of your own face (then realise how your neutral face looks more miserable than you anticipated your neutral face to look like). However, once you get reading and it’s so good that you’re there with the character on their adventures and you get so emotionally involved that it’s now your reality. Next thing you know, your stop is next and your miserable-neutral face becomes a more happier-neutral face.

3) Regular commute, regular reading

I find myself getting through my ‘to-be-read’ pile of books more if I read every time I’m on public transport. That pile of mine seriously needs to be controlled and if the best way for me to control it is read on the train and/or bus, then so be it.

4) Something to do when delays occur

Delays can happen, but I will not deny how relieved I get when I’m stuck on my way to somewhere, but then I remember I have a book to pass the time. There have been moments when I’ve left my book at home and my train and/or bus is delayed…devastation is an understatement.

5) Helps to make you realise how good the book is

This kind of ties in with the ‘makes the journey feel short’. You know when a book is so good, that you forget about the world that actually exists and you feel connected to the characters in the book. A book that is so powerful that whenever something awful happens to a character you’ve found yourself caring about, that you find your heart broken over a character that technically isn’t real. You become so involved with the story that when you hear the tannoy announce your stop, the last thing you remembered about the real world was when you actually got on.

All you remember of that journey is that book.

And that is the biggest advantage to reading on public transport…alongside avoiding awkward stares, of course.


I hope you enjoyed reading! This will be the first of my new weekly Friday posts called ‘My Friday Thoughts’, where I will discuss anything book-related on a Friday.

Thank you for reading!



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