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Explore History Magazine – Review

Hello, people of the internet!

This week, I’ve decided to review something a little different. Mostly because out of all the things I’ve read in 2016, this is one of the newest things I began reading on a regular basis and I look forward to its new issue every month.

I want to show my appreciation and love for a certain magazine I discovered on holiday. Yes, as you can tell from the title of this post, I absolutely love the Explore History Magazine. I read the second issue first back in May* and I still continue reading Explore History now at the end of 2016. It’s an easy read about many different, interesting topics of history all over the world. Here is why Explore History is perfect for those who love history and travelling.

* I didn’t discover this magazine when the first issue came out, so I read issue two before issue one. You will not believe how not reading them in order annoyed me, even though it makes no difference if you read them in order or not. But enough about me and my obsession with reading things in order, I’ll continue with my review.

Let’s just get this little fact out of the way first: I love history! Every bit about it is so interesting to me. It doesn’t matter whenever it’s about social or political history, where in the world it happened, if it happened a million years ago or twenty years ago, history inspires me to learn more about the world and how it once was.

Which was why Explore History grabbed my attention very quickly.

I have read many history books before, as I learnt history academically until I began University. I read both fiction and non-fiction history books, but that’s what they simply were. They told you the history and its facts and/or theories and that’s it. What Explore History does is tell you about a certain location, inform you of its history and then let you know how you can visit that location yourself. These locations can be anywhere in the world too. Each issue is a mixture of different countries and time periods. The magazine also lets you know when in the year it is best to visit, hotel recommendations, events and even tips on the public transport, social etiquette and ticket prices.

To me, it makes the information more easily accessible and easy to remember. There are some history books I’ve read that are so full of information, I felt I was being swamped in it and, right after I finished reading it, I had been so overwhelmed with information that I didn’t even remember it all. However, the writing in Explore History doesn’t bombard you with information. When I read each issue, it feels like I’m taking a stroll through a museum where I can take my time to process the information. What I love most about the writing is how I can tell the writers themselves are passionate about history too just by how they’ve written it. If anything, that’s one of the features that I love more about Explore History.

What also helps with understanding the information is the presentation. The images themselves are absolutely gorgeous and atmospheric. The way the words and images are placed are pleasing to look at and makes reading easy going.

I have learnt a lot from this magazine. It made me interested in pieces of history I only vaguely knew about and made me curious enough to want to know more. I now know that if I ever go travelling, I know where to go to get information.



I can’t wait to read more issues in 2017!




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