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My Friday Thoughts – My Odd Book Arrangement Rules

Hello, people of the internet!

The idea of this week’s ‘My Friday Thoughts’ occurred when I was sorting out my book shelf after getting some new books (I’ll talk more about that in a future book haul post) when I realised how much time I would have saved if I had simple just put it on the shelf.

But no. Honestly it took longer than it should.

You see, I have my own system. I don’t know why this little system of mine works, but it does. It makes me happy to see my books in order. Perhaps even ‘oddly satisfying’? And if the shelf doesn’t comply to my own rules, then I get annoyed.

Like really annoyed.

That kind of ‘I’m just going to get angrier to more I think about it; even if I turn my back and get out of the house, it’ll just prey on my mind until it festers’ kind of annoyed.

So, I decided I’ll describe it on this week’s ‘My Friday Thoughts’!

It is a five-point system. It was originally a three-point system until I got some books that had to get its own rules.

1) Books have to be placed in alphabetical order

Books I own are placed on my shelf in alphabetical order. I decided to do it with authors – I did begin with sorting them out alphabetically by title, but that didn’t work.

No real reason for it not to work. I could give any reason for it for not to work: for example, I could say it brings me bad luck; or the books fall off and flatten my feet whenever I do it in that order; it angers the demons in my house; or putting books in that order would mean my book series are not in order.

It just didn’t feel right for me.

So I went with authors instead. It’s easier to find certain books that way, especially if you’re a book hoarder like me.

2) Left to right

My A-Z order goes from left to right. This also applies to book series: the first book in a series starts from the left and the subsequent books follow to the right.

Side note: This can be problem with placed in a tower on the floor for when I’m cleaning the shelf. To avoid getting irritable at my own temporary book tower, the first book in a series goes on top of the tower and the subsequent books follow underneath it. I can’t do the other way round.

Like so:


Wrong order



Right Order


Why? Fudge knows, I have a problem!

3) Paperback or hardback doesn’t matter – unless it’s a series

As you may have noticed from the photos above that I have an adorable owl cushion-like thing (I’ve had it for a few years now and I still have no idea what it’s meant to be used for; I use it for a cushion though it’s not actually a cushion) and that my Harry Potter book series consists of both paperback and hardback books. Now normally that would annoy me. However, Harry Potter is an exception because I have so many good memories reading those books.

My other book series, for example The Hunger Games, are all paperback.

I just really like consistency.

4) Books with unusual spines are accepted on the shelf, but are placed differently

A very specific rule and, so far, it’s only applied to one book. It’s Greek Mythology by Vicky Dikou. I bought it when I was on holiday in Greece and I ran out of books to read. I’ve always been interested in mythology, Greek being the first I was introduced to, and this book is perfect to start off with.

This is really a nitpick (I still adore this book!), but is it just me or are the words on the spine upside down?


It’s the only book of mine with a spine like this and it sticks out like the thumb of a desperate hitchhiker (yes, a bit of an exaggeration – I just really like the expression ‘sticks out like the thumb of a desperate hitchhiker and I wanted to use it), so I created a new rule for my system. It is on my shelf, but positioned on top of my other books with the front cover facing downwards. It’s easier for me to read the spine.

5) Graphic novels are included

I only started reading graphic novels a year ago and I never look back. They’re a different thing to read and the ones I’ve read – like The Wicked and The Divine – are very clever and fun to read. At first I didn’t know where to put them.

And I thought up an ingenious way of sorting it…

I put it on the shelf anyway.

Turns out I’m not that funny with arranging books at all.

Or I actually am and I simply got fed up with my own OCD-like tendencies.


Oh well, this is my five-point system of arranging books. It was fun to write about and a good laugh for me to write about as well.

Do you have any rules when it comes to arranging books?

Feel free to comment!

Thank you for reading!



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