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My Thought Process During A Single Reading: ‘Hide and Seek’ by M. J. Arlidge

Hello, people of the internet!

I recently got ‘Hide and Seek’ by M. J. Arlidge for my birthday and, since I had a free day to do anything, I decided to read it. Then I somehow managed to finish it in four hours.

A 372 page book.

Four hours straight.


Well, I say proud, but I wish I did slow down a little. I honestly didn’t rush the book at all. I understood every bit of it and didn’t skim over the more slowly paced sections just to get to the more exciting bits. It was just so gripping that I couldn’t leave it alone at all. I had to know what happened.

You see, this book is the sixth instalment of the DI Helen Grace series, which involves a detective in the south of England solving crime and catching serial killers. As the fifth instalment ended in a cliffhanger, leaving DI Helen Grace framed for murder and arrested (whether or not this is a spoiler, I’m not sure; it’s a spoiler for the fifth instalment, Little Boy Blue, but it is written in the blurb of Hide and Seek…I’ll call it a semi-spoiler…).

I would do a typical review of this book, but I decided to write it a little differently. This post will be my thought process as I read it. It will not only include my thoughts about the book itself, but also include reasons why reading an entire book in one sitting has its fair share of problems.

There are some teeny-weeny spoilers, but hopefully they won’t ruin the book for you. I’ll just warn you now.

Anyway, enough about me and my preparation for spoilers, let the thought process begin!

Opens the book:

Finally! It’s been months since Little Boy Blue! This better be worth the wait!

1 minute later:

Great start so far! And I’m glad to see M. J. Arlidge still writes in short chapters!

2 minutes later:

Helen’s not meant to be in there! No, it’s not fair! Noooooo (*insert 40 more o’s) ooo! Okay, before I forget, I better get some supplies.

(Leaves wonderful reading chair to get a cup of coke, some sweets and a blanket)

I will be here for some time…

10 minutes later:

Come to think of it, this is the first prison book I’ve ever read. I’ve heard what they tend to be like, with bullying prison officers, drug gangs and sexual stuff. There’s not even a mere mention of it yet.

Never mind. Not surprising, but still atmospheric.

20 minutes later:

Wait, so that wasn’t just a rumour? Okay, not as grisly like the previous books, but still…

30 minutes later:

The hardest bits to read are the families finding out that their loved ones are not only dead, but murdered. It doesn’t always give clues to the mystery and some people say it slows down the pacing and grids the plot to a complete halt, but it adds raw, powerful emotion as well as a strong reason why Helen wants to solve murder mysteries. Like in the other books, it’s written well.

30 minutes later:

What?!? Wait, what?!? Well, that drink refill can wait for a little longer!

15 minutes later:

Only an hour and a half reading? Okay, I should get that drink now…Okay, one more chapter…

10 minutes (and ten chapters) later:

Right! Discipline, Gemma! Have some discipline for yourself, Gemma. The book can wait, hydration cannot!

(Stands up to incredibly numb feet)

Ahh! Pins and needles!

(Hobbles away to the kitchen, only to come back for the cup because I left it behind)

I bet I know who killed them anyway…Only time will tell!

30 minutes later:

Blimey, already half way through. Didn’t feel like it though. Well, I’ve haven’t got anything else to do today. I might as well carry on and find out who really did it. But I still think it was him. I may have finally caught on to M. J. Arlidge’s style to guess the murderer beforehand! (*Insert evil laugh here*) I will say ‘called it’ by the end of this book!

20 minutes later:

*Gasps* Yeah! I knew Charlie wouldn’t let Helen, and me for that manner, down! Go, Charlie!

I should really invest in those thick socks you wear on aeroplanes. I haven’t moved for a while. What are they called again? Oh well, I can carry on reading for a little longer.

30 minutes later:

Yes, Helen suspects the same man I suspect! (*Insert another evil laugh here*) I called it at last!

1 minute later:

WHAT?!? (This wasn’t technically just a thought. This was actually yelled in a high-pitched voice I’m sure only dogs could have heard) I was so sure it was…NO!

Go, Helen! Don’t give up now!

Heck, I can’t give up reading now! I have to know what happens!

5 minutes later:

Oh, they’re called flight socks! That’s what they’re called. Okay, where was I?

5 minutes later:


1 minute later:

YES!! (Insert 50 more exclamation marks) Now, Helen, go get him before it’s too late!

10 minutes later:

Wait…W-what? It was…I’ve been tricked twice! I should have known since there was about 75 pages left, but still…It was actually…When am I ever going to ever say I ‘called it’?

15 minutes later:

No, Helen! NO! Please, Charlie, find her quickly! Go!

1 minute later:


4 minutes later:

Okay, I’m not gonna lie, but I’m sure this is the third Detective Superintendent (DS) being done by Anti-corruption in a row. Throughout the whole series, there’s been three DS’s. The first one was done by Anti-Corruption; was replaced by another; who was later done by Anti-Corruption; then was replaced by this DS; who’s just been done by Anti-Corruption. A little nitpick in an otherwise unpredictable series, but it’s starting to feel a little overdone.

Still, that ending with the real killer was a tad creepy, but a great ending! Oh boy, was that book worth it!

Wait, it can’t be dark outside already? Where has the day gone?


That was my thought process during a single reading! I could call this a review of sorts since I have written valid points – it’s definitely gripping, kept me guessing throughout the whole book, is well-paced and I was emotional involved – but I wanted to write it a different and, hopefully, funny manner. I’m not sure if I’ll do more reviews in this way. It depends on the book itself and how I feel about it. I wanted to write a review in a different way.

Let me know if you enjoyed it!

Thank you for reading!



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