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My Friday Thoughts – My Favourite Authors From Childhood to Right Now

Hello, people of the internet!

Today’s post will be a short, but hopefully sweet, one about authors. Not about any authors though…My favourite authors. The authors whose books I instantly want on my shelf. Whenever they release a new book, I’m right there counting down the seconds to its release.

I should mention that I don’t tend to have that many favourite authors because, whenever I’m out and about and somehow find myself in a bookshop, I instead buy books with plotlines that grab my attention, regardless of who wrote it.

Here is my list of my favourite authors; from my childhood to right now!

J. K. Rowling

I have to get the obvious one out of the way first, but I absolutely adore her work. The Harry Potter series is absolute gem (no pun intended…honestly) to me; so much so I dedicated a whole post about it! I will be honest, I haven’t read her other work yet. I’m still trying to control that TBR pile of mine. But believe me when I say, or write in this case since you lot can’t actually hear me, I will read them!

I have been meaning to read The Casual Vacancy and her crime novels, written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, for quite some time now. I have my faith in J.K. Rowling though. I know I’ll enjoy them.

Jacqueline Wilson

And the winner of the ‘Most Books from One Author I Have Ever Owned’ goes to Jacqueline Wilson! Seriously, when I was a child, whenever Jacqueline Wilson released a new book, you bet that book was on my wish list! Her books were the first to introduce me to another side of children growing up. It introduced me to single-parent families, care homes along with foster care and adoption, divorce, mental illness, domestic abuse, etc. They are delicate, serious issues that are written in a way that children can understand and I think it’s important that these issues are present in children’s literature.

What stands out to me about Jacqueline Wilson’s books is no matter how harrowing these issues are, they can be funny and touching too. There may not always be a happy ending, but there’s hope at the end. I may not read any more of her books anymore, but I still love them to bits.

Roald Dahl

Another childhood favourite of mine. I may not have read all of his books, but the ones I have read are so memorable. They are twisted in the best way, with eccentric characters and bizarre settings and situations. I think my fondness for twisted books as an adult may have stemmed from me reading Roald Dahl as a child.

I love his poems too. Dare I say my own poem was inspired by his style? I still have my own copy of his ‘Revolting Rhymes’ and I have no intention of getting rid of it any time soon.

And yes, I did watch the TV film ‘Revolting Rhymes’ when it was on last Christmas. I’m really glad I saw it!

Neil Gaiman

The first book from Neil Gaiman I read was Coraline and it remains one of my favourite novellas to this day. His books are quirky and creepy with memorable characters and weird, imaginative settings. I particularly like his style of writing and his sarcastic characters the most.

However, what I love most about his books is how he creates these weird worlds and its equally weird inhabitants. Personally, I have a problem when it comes to complex fantasy worlds. I find it hard to get into them if I’m confused with what the world is supposed to be and so, I can’t connect with them, especially if it’s not written coherently. I don’t have that problem with Neil Gaiman’s work. The worlds he creates are easy to understand and connect with, but are still outlandish enough to be interesting.

George Orwell

I’m glad I had to read George Orwell’s books in school. My favourites are Animal Farm and 1984. They do have political themes to them and, as someone who isn’t all that interested in politics, these books definitely kept my attention throughout. There’s a good reason why George Orwell is still talked about today. These themes are relevant and I have a strong feeling that it always will be. A book to be timeless like this is a magnificent accomplishment.

I appreciate his books so much that I read 1984 in my spare time. It’s the first dystopian novel that actually creeped me out, in that I was worried life could actually be this way. Of course, life now isn’t entirely like that in 1984.



I hope you enjoyed my little post. But, before I thank you for reading, I have to say that this list isn’t complete anymore. I have recently found another author who has quickly become one of my favourites. And I’ll have my review of his book up on this blog soon.

Who are your favourite authors? Feel free to let me know!

Thank you for reading!



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