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My Friday Thoughts – Why I Prefer Physical Books to E-Books

Hello, people of the internet!

Now, I’ll start off by saying that I love electronic gizmos and thingamajigs. In fact, whenever I’m not reading or going outside, I am using electronic things. I use the internet a lot, watching videos on YouTube (none of that stupid clickbait rubbish, don’t worry) and researching incredibly important questions on Google like: do bees sleep, why aren’t purple carrots popular anymore and why do avocados have huge seeds?

However, in a slightly weird turn of events, I don’t read that many E-Books. When I first got my Kindle at the age of sixteen for passing my exams, I used it all the time. Some of my all-time favourite books are on there and I still have books on it I need to read. It helps to save a lot of space in my house too, so E-Books do have their advantages.

But, as I said in my Would You Rather Book Tag post, I would rather read physical copies than electronic copies.

And here’s why…

1) The calming exploration of the book store

I don’t care if I’m over-exaggerating, but there is something beautiful about going into a book store, not knowing what books are there and actually having to explore it. I’m not going to lie, but if I could spend hours in a book store, I would.

The best possible outcome is to find a book that not only grabs my attention with its captivating cover and blurb, but it turns out to be that book I can’t let go of. To put it down and leave it is not an option; it remains in my conscious and I have a strong gut feeling that it will be one of the best books I’ll ever read.

To be honest, when I was buying E-Books instead, I missed that wonderful feeling. There is something calming about book stores. I’ve even had occasions when it felt magical. No, really, I’m being serious. When I’m in a book store, I actually forget where I am and only focus on the many stories waiting to be read. All the daily bores of reality are temporarily forgotten and my priorities are all book-based.

That alone beats E-Books, but I do have other reasons.

2) Finding new books are difficult to find online

I feel this is a personal problem, but when I fancy finding a new book to read, it’s easier for me to actually go into a book store than to look one up online. I know, actually physically moving outside and travel is much easier for me.

Yeah, it takes a lot more time to do that, but when I tried to find a new E-Book to read, it was quite difficult for me. Not even online blogs could help!

It’s that I have no idea what bookish mood I’m in. Do I want to read a crime thriller or a fantasy? Do I want a book from a familiar author or do I want to take a risk and read something new? I have no words to fully explain what I’m like with these things, all I know is that searching through books online isn’t a hobby; it tends to feel more like a time-waster. When I’m out and about in a book store, there are more opportunities for me to find a new book to preoccupy my mind. Doing that is most definitely a hobby.

Besides, I find it that when I’m physically in a book store, I tend to find books I wouldn’t normally go for when I’m sat at home, in my comfort zone, and I explore new genres and new authors.

I may be just incredibly weird.

In fact, no. There’s no ‘may be’ about it. I am weird.

3) I find physical books more appealing

There are some absolutely beautiful books out there and some even go as far as to experiment with their covers and pages. I find them so creative and clever, I actually feel very happy when I’m just looking at them. Even the books with dull covers are more appealing to me than E-Books. With physical books, I see the cover more clearly and can appreciate the minute details more.

To physically pick up a book and look inside is wonderful to me, but to read one is more than just wonderful. There’s something very strange yet satisfying about reading through a physical book and seeing my progress. When I start a new book, my right hand carries the bulk of the book whereas my left is only holding the cover. Overtime, I don’t realise straight away that I’m halfway through and I see the book is split into two, equal parts in each hand. Finally, when I’m at the end, it’s now the left hand that carries the bulk of the book whereas it’s the right that only holds the back.

That’s not possible with E-Books. A percentage showing how much I’ve read doesn’t hold that same meaning to me.

Furthermore, when I look at my shelf with all my books, it adds character to my room. When people see it, they see my personality. With E-Books, that’s not possible.

There is something truly wonderful about physical books. If anyone were to ask me what my favourite invention is, I would say the book.


And that’s why I prefer physical books to E-Books. Which do you prefer? Feel free to let me know!

Thank you for reading!



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