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My Friday Thoughts – Books I Thought Were ‘Meh’ or ‘Okay’

Hello, people of the internet!

I have my own personal scale for rating books. I do have the star rating system for my blog, but I’ve always had my own scale that helps me to rate books in my weird, little way.

Here it is, alongside the star rating:

5 stars – I adore everything about this book!

4 stars – This is very good, actually.

3 stars – It’s okay, like.

2 stars – Meh.

1 star – Just no.

‘Meh’ is the shortened version of ‘Well…I did continue to read until the end. It did have some good features, but I felt had its problems and/or it just wasn’t my kind of book’. These are books I do not hate or love; they’re the books I thought were ‘meh’ or ‘okay’. The 2-3 stars.

I have read a fair share of these books, some I preferred more than others, and I thought I’d discuss some of them here.

Before I start, I would like to say that I do not think people who like these books are wrong to do so. In fact, I’d love to hear their opinions and why they love these books. I’m just explaining how I feel about these books.

Here are the books:

after-me-comes-the-floodAfter Me Comes the Flood by Sarah Perry

I’m afraid I’ll have to spoil it slightly here. I only do this for important points I want to talk about. The blurb explains that a man leaves his home and encounters a house in disrepair. The residents welcome him, saying they have a room ready for him and have been waiting for him, despite the man not knowing who they are. It implies that this will be a mystery book, that this is the focus of the story. I’m not lying when I say that the reader is told the answer to how they know who he is at the end of the first chapter! I was very underwhelmed with the explanation itself and that stayed as I read the rest of the book. Nothing much happens and no one learns anything that develops their characters – though I’m sure the main character does. It is also nicely written and has some interesting characters as well as a strong, dark atmosphere. But overall, I do have the unpopular opinion – since this book has been praised and has won an award – that this book isn’t as good as the praise made it out to be.

the-miniaturistThe Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

I like historical fiction. It’s interesting to read about Golden Age Amsterdam, both a period of time and a country I don’t know that much about, and the characters themselves are well written and diverse. I could tell as I was reading it that it has been thoroughly researched. However, it wasn’t as grand as I was expecting. I am still confused about the Miniaturist herself: how does know about what happens inside the household? I can understand she is supposed to be kept in mystery, but personally, this kept distracting me. I would have still liked the novel if the Miniaturist character wasn’t such a huge focus since the events happened anyway, whether the Miniaturist gave the main characters clues or not. If anyone has read The Miniaturist, please explain to me more about the Miniaturist character. Nevertheless, I think this is a good book, but not the book for me.

may-we-be-forgivenMay We Be Forgiven by A. M. Homes

I read this book a few years ago and I had no idea what I was going to expect. It was a very strange read with all sorts of weird events and characters coming in and out, throwing in something or someone unexpected with mixed results. Some did work and added to the plot whilst others felt it came out of nowhere and didn’t have that much of an impact on the overall atmosphere and story. Nonetheless, I did like the book. I may not understand what the main focus was supposed to be and it did appear a little confused as to what it wanted to be, but I have read nothing like it since. For me, it may not live up to its praise, but if you enjoy weird, dark and witty stories, you would enjoy this book.

the-little-red-chairsThe Little Red Chairs by Edna O’Brien

I have previously discussed this book on my blog, but how I feel about this book sums up this post. This book had four pages of praise before the prologue and I did expect this book to deliver. I will not spoil it here, but if you want more detail, click here for my full review. Then again, maybe the subject of this post has given it away…oh well, feel free to have a look.

And those were the books I thought were ‘meh’ or ‘okay’. That doesn’t mean these books didn’t deserve the praise or awards they got at all. To other readers, they may be the best books they ever read. Reading is subjective as well as objective and each person’s reading experience is different as well as equally important and warranted.

What do think of these books?

Thank you for reading!



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