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My Friday Thoughts – My Bookish Confessions

Hello, people of the internet!

My friend, Sarah, from The Little Contemporary Corner, recently uploaded a post about her bookish confessions, which you can read here. It turns out I have confessions that are bookish that I might as well tell you. It might be funny? I hope so!

Anyway, enough about me and my expectations of a somewhat humourous post, here are my bookish confessions!

1) I have very strict and very odd rules when it comes to sorting out books on my shelf. You can read my post about it here.

2) If I’m going to buy a book series, it has to be from the same set so their covers match. There is no really reason for it – other than the fact that I get a tad irritated if they’re different.

3) When there’s loads of hype around a book, it actually puts me off buying it. I feel that once I read a book with high expectations, there’s only one way my expectations can go and that’s down. Sure, I have made a few exceptions and they do live up to the hype, but most of the time, it never works out for me.

4) I judge books by the cover. I know they say (whoever they are) you shouldn’t, but alas I ignore their advice.

5) I really like dark books. Sure, I do have my limits and I like light-hearted books as well, but books with dark premises and villains grab my attention instantly. I wonder what that says about me as a person? That I’m secretly evil?

Of course not! I’m totally good and all that jazz!

*Giggles evilly*

6) I don’t find horror books scary. Every horror book I’ve read, and they have never scared the bricks out of me! Speaking of which…

7) I have actually laughed out loud reading Christine by Stephen King. I can’t remember exactly what happened because I read it a while ago, but there’s a section when the possessed car is trying to kill someone in their house, but it struggles to get up the lawn. It keeps reversing and going towards the house at full speed, but gets stuck. I guess it was supposed to be a tense moment, but I actually laughed at the idea of a car trying its best to kill someone, but fails miserably. I can imagine the car thinking this:

Aha! Now I’ve got you trapped, in what you thought was the safety of your own house! Well then, prepare to die!!


Oh hang on. God damn this snow, I’m stuck. Okay. Hold on, guy in house! Just let me reverse and try again.

Okay? Okay, I’m better now.


OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NOT AGAIN! I was in the wrong gear, wasn’t I? Balls, erm…Sorry, guy in house! I’ll have to reverse again. Hold on!

(Seriously, he hasn’t even tried to leave the house. He just keeps staring at me. Jeez, this guy is too stupid to live…)

Anyhow, I’m good now. I think I can get up the lawn this time.



And you get the idea. Spoiler alert: the car does kill that person eventually. Keyword here being ‘eventually’.

Well, I’m sure that’s what happened…And that moves on to my next confession!

8) I double check what I’ve read just to be sure I got the plot right and I haven’t missed anything important. This isn’t the books’ fault at all; I just happen to be a double-checker on anything I do. I hate to be wrong about a story, especially now I’ve started a book blog, so that’s why I tend to check what I’ve just read just to clarify to myself what happened.

9) I find it very difficult to concentrate when I’m reading. I’ve always struggled to concentrate on a lot of things and I have to make a conscious effort to pay attention. No wonder I end up exhausted at the end of the day. So when I read, I have to be comfortable and focus every little smidgen of attention I have just so I could even begin reading my book. I do lose it very easily, but because I love reading so much, it is worth the effort. Besides, once I get into a book and concentrating becomes easier, I can get through a book quite easily.

10) I have a habit of buying books, then not read them for ages. Seriously, how many times have I started a book review with, “I got this book a while/year ago and have recently read it…” Quite a few. I need to be more original when it comes to book review introductions…

And these are my bookish confessions! If I have any more to confess, I’ll make a part two. What are your bookish confessions?

Thank you for reading!



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