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My Friday Thoughts – Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

Hello, people of the internet!

As of you may know, or not know, I have a habit of taking part in tags that no one has tagged me in. They just look so much fun! So, I decided to pick a tag I felt was interesting, different and could allow some humour.

Here is what I happened when I tagged myself in the Zombie Apocalypse book tag!

Before I start, I’ll tell you the rules.

1) Pick 5 books.

2) Put them in a random order.

3) Open each book on a random page and write down the first two names you read.

You can only pick 2 characters from each book.

I seriously recommend not looking at the questions before picking your characters. It makes this tag more fun!

Each book will answer 2 questions, and there will be 10 questions overall.

Also, as much as it was a lot of fun to do this tag, I don’t know how funny it’ll be for those who haven’t read the books. Oh well, here are the results!

Book: Uprooted by Naomi Novik

1) Who will be the first person to die?

The Dragon.

Oh come on! He’s a powerful and very capable wizard and he dies first!?!

This has certainly set the scene of my zombie team…

2) Who will be the person you trip to get away from the zombies?


She’s the best friend of the main character, and a really nice one too! I feel bad that I have to trip her. But why? What did Kasia do to deserve getting tripped? Or did she just do nothing and am I just a horrible person? Could I really be that-?

Anyway, next question.

Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey

3) Who is the first person in your team to turn into a zombie?


*Quietly sobs*

Helen was such a supportive character. She may have gotten annoyed at her mother, Maud, at times, but she still cared.

I will miss you, Helen.

4) Who is the person that trips you to get away from the zombies?


I don’t know who I am more disappointed by. Maud because how dare she, a well-being yet forgetful elderly woman, would even think to trip someone over and possible have them killed by zombies. Or me because I somehow managed to get tripped by an elderly woman…

The Sudden Appearance of Hope by Claire North

5) Who is the idiot of the team?


Huh. She’s actually quite intelligent, so if she’s considered to be an idiot, how intelligent are the other members?

(Cleverly Maud is indeed incredibly smart since she managed to trip me over…No, I’m not going to get over that…)

6) Who is the brains of the team?

Hope Arden.

Yay! Finally, a choice I feel would really make this team successful.

I do hope that she is up for the job.

…Okay, I promise there won’t be too many puns.

Then again, people do keep forgetting her, so I don’t know how well this will turn out.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

7) Who is the team’s medic?


*Nods* Yep, another wonderful choice I’m happy with. I really loved Rue, I thought she was a strong and did her best to survive the Hunger Games. I was heartbroken when she [SPOILER!]

8) Who is the weapons expert?


Yeah! He can train me like he trained Katniss and Peeta! The alcoholism may become a problem, but nonetheless this is another good choice.

Caraval by Stephanie Garber

9) Who is the team’s fighter?


*Keeps on nodding* Yeah, I’m finally hitting a good streak here! He may not be the strongest character, but I’m pretty sure he can fight. If not, then Haymitch can train him to use weapons, no biggie.

10) Who is the team’s leader?


*Nodding gets more intense* Yasss! She was a strong, likeable lead in Caraval, I’m sure she is a good candidate. And if she slacks and gets too scared, I’ll just tell her it’s all a game like the Caraval and she’ll handle it.

And these are my answers to the Zombie Apocalypse book tag! I won’t tag anyone in particular, so if you want to have a go yourself, feel free! I can’t stop you.

Thank you for reading!


Not too far into the future, something undiscovered to science has rotted the minds of 99.9% of the world’s population of humans.

Alone in a world where the undead are commonplace and death can occur any second, a group of eleven individuals must work together to survive in a world that wants them dead.

The Dragon: a wizard who has lived for more than a century and is immensely powerful and intelligent. Surely he will survive.

Kasia: A beautiful, brave and elegant woman. Not someone you would want to trip just to save your own skin…

Helen: Caring for her forgetful mother, she will protect her from the zombie horde.

Maud: Easily forgets things, but don’t let that trip you.

Bryon14: Very intelligent yet apparently stupid. Explain that one.

Hope: The brains of the group, but you’ll forget almost everything about her, like the fact that you met her.

Rue: The medic. She will do the group proud. *Whistles and does that hand gesture from The Hunger Games*

Haymitch: Knows his weapons well. Also drinks a lot. It makes the group nervous when he’s near both.

Hope: The brains of the group, but you’ll forget almost everything about her, like the fact that you met her.

Julian: Not a huge fighter. He is the best fighter this group has.

Scarlett: The leader, who thinks this is all a game.

Hope: The brains of the group, but you’ll forget almost everything about her, like the fact that you met her.

And…Gemma, a very curious woman who picked this group and thought it was great idea.

Prepare for the dystopian comedy adventure that will break your heart and bring on existential crises for all the family.

This is “Book Tag of the Dead”.

Not going to lie…I had fun writing that.



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