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Mr Men and Little Miss Character Book Tag

Hello, people of the internet!

Guess what? No, I haven’t just found a tag and decided to take part despite not being tagged again. I have actually been tagged! Yay! Charlotte from the lovely Wonderfully Bookish blog has tagged me in a tag she created. And that tag is – as you can probably guess by the title – the ‘Mr Men and Little Miss Character Boom Tag!’

For those who don’t know, the Mr Men and Little Miss book series were created by British author, Roger Hargreaves, which began in 1971. I loved these stories as a child and I honestly get nostalgic seeing them still around today.

Thank you, Charlotte, for tagging me!

So, without further ado, here are my answers to the ‘Mr Men and Little Miss Character Book Tag’!

Mr Happy – a character who makes you happy

Bob the cat from A Street Cat Named Bob.

Okay, technically Bob is also a real life character as well as a book character, but the first character I thought about who made me very happy was Bob. I read A Street Cat Named Bob a few years ago and I just love how uplifting and heartwarming it is. As for Bob? Whenever he is present in the book, I can’t help but feel cheery.

Also, he’s a cat and I love cats!

Little Miss Magic – a very magical character

Now I do have a lot of magical characters to choose from, but I decided to go with Agnieszka from Uprooted. She begins as a young woman who has no idea of her magical capabilities and believes herself to be plain and uninteresting. But the more she improves her magic abilities, the more confident and brave she becomes. I love her character development and I really do think she is a powerful witch as well.

Mr Quiet – a quiet character, or someone who stays in the background but is still great

To be honest, it was quite difficult to find a character I truly thought matched this. Then I remembered when I read The Sudden Appearance of Hope and absolutely adored Hope’s sister, Grace. She doesn’t impact the plot much and she hardly appears in the book, but when she does, I think she’s great! For a reason that is never explained, Grace is the only one to remember Hope, despite the rest of the world forgetting her. Let me tell you, I was so happy when I read that!

Little Miss Bad – a character who does bad things

Annie Wilkes from Misery.

Out of all the Stephen King books I’ve read, I have to say Misery is one of my favourites. Mostly because of the villain, Annie Wilkes. She is psychotic, unpredictable and every celebrity’s worst nightmare! When she finds Paul Sheldon, her favourite author, after a car accident, she decides to keep him to herself. But when she discovers he killed off her favourite character…Hell breaks loose!

She does pretty horrendous things to Paul and has done incredibly terribly things in the past. For that, Annie Wilkes is one of my favourite book villains!

Mr Funny – a character who makes you laugh

Miss Shepherd from The Lady in the Van.

Another character from real life I had to include here. Never has a character made me giggle out loud like Miss Shepherd did before! I love reading about her eccentric behaviour and ideas and, when I was reading the book, I couldn’t tell what she was going to do next. With an interesting backstory, Miss Shepherd may be rude or unreasonable at times, but she’s still a character who makes me laugh!

Little Miss Brainy – a very clever character, or someone who makes the best decisions

Mabel from We Are Okay.

I think Mabel does make the best decisions, especially concerning her grieving best friend, Marin. Even though Marin refused to speak to anyone from her old life before she moved to New York for college, Mabel still decided to visit her for Christmas. And the ending…

*Tries not to sob happy tears*

Best decision ever.


And these were my answers to the ‘Mr Men and Little Miss Character Book Tag’! I have had a lot of fun answering these!

Thank you for reading!



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