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Books That Have Stayed – The Night Circus

Hello, people of the internet!

I haven’t done a “Books That Have Stayed” post for a while, even though there are quite a few books that do stay with me – and it’s not (just) because I do have a really good memory and remember all sorts of weird things. There are books that have taught me important lessons about life like how hope still lives after a huge tragedy and how people aren’t always how they appear.

But, with this book, it didn’t teach me anything new about the world: it resurrected my love for fantasy and magic.

I know, I have always loved Harry Potter ever since I read the books and watched the films. Whenever I read them, I was in wonder with its magic and wanted to be a part of it! But after I read the books, I couldn’t find any books that made me connect with the magic and fantasy like Harry Potter did. In fact, one of the reasons why I love Harry Potter so much is because I felt the magic when I was reading them.

I have read fantasy after Harry Potter, but I couldn’t feel the magic as strongly anymore. It would be like I was watching the fantasy from afar and I was detached from it, so I couldn’t connect with it. Whenever the characters said it was wonderful, I didn’t feel it. I would even compare it to losing childhood innocence in terms of finding everything magical and be completely in awe by it and becoming a logical, ‘magic-doesn’t-actually-exist’ adult. I never wanted to become someone like that; I still want to find things to be amazed by like a child would. Of course, I do find lots of things amazing and exciting like outer space, the ocean and everything in them – in fact, quick story, I was amazed when I saw the Elephant Nose fish, a member of the Mormyridae family, at an aquarium (seriously, look them up – they look like something from a fantasy book, but they’re real! They’re my favourite fish, I love them to pieces!) Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I wanted a fantasy book that got me excited and enthralled like that; something that want me smile and forget about reality for a little while!

But, for many years after Harry Potter, there weren’t any fantasy books that made me feel in complete wonderment of magic.

So I stopped reading fantasy for a few years, but I kept an eye out just in case there was something that would change that.

Then The Night Circus entered my life, thanks to some of my lovely friends from university, including Sarah from The Little Contemporary Corner.

This is the blurb that instantly grabbed my attention:

The circus arrives without warning.

No announcements precede it…

It is simply there, when yesterday it was not.

A fantasy romance with a dark edge to it, I knew it would be a book I would enjoy regardless whether or not I felt the fantasy elements strongly.

Little did I know that the book was indeed magical.

The book addresses the reader, as they are about to enter the mysterious circus. Even then, I felt the anticipation and mystery even before I knew what the whole circus was about. After the first chapter, it goes back to the Victorian era where the idea of the circus was about to be created and characters are introduced. Whether I was with them performing all sorts of magic or I was walking through the circus myself and what it has to offer, I was in wonderment.

I could see the performances unfold and experience the magic.

I could smell the sweet treats and drinks and even taste them.

I was in the fantasy and magic and felt like I once did when reading Harry Potter for the first time.

This book helped me rebuild my ability to get lost in fantasy and forget where I am. When I was reading The Night Circus, I wasn’t curled up in a seat and reading a book: I was there with the circus, its performers and its visitors, including “reveurs”ย who are fans of the circus and follow it whether it goes. In fact, next time for World Book Day, I’m going to dress up as a reveur!

So that’s why The Night Circus will forever stay with me. Not only does it has an intriguing plot with diverse characters, it revived my love for books with magic and fantasy after I thought I never would again. It made me feel like a child experiencing magic for the first time. Whenever I think ofย The Night Circus, I warm up inside and smile.

I may be 22 years old, but I still believe in magic, not just with Harry Potter , but also The Night Circus.

Thank you for reading!



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