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My Top 5 Book Covers

Hello, people of the internet!

I’m one of those readers who can very quickly judge a book by its cover. If I see a cover that is mesmerising in one way or another, I will go over to see it better. I will then read the blurb to see if the story grabs my attention.

In my collection of books, I have picked my Top 5 books covers as well as 3 memorable mentions! I even added some of my interpretations, which may not necessarily be what the cover creators were going for, but I thought I’d talk about them and why I interpret them that way!

5) Our Endless Numbered Days

Our Endless Numbered Days

I love colours in general, but if I had to pick a favourite colour, it would have to be blue. It reminds me of winter and I find winter very interesting. Winter can be extremely dangerous, but it can also be extremely beautiful. So when I saw this cover, it reminded me of winter. Though the book itself may not always be set in winter, some significant events happen in winter, especially when it shows how dangerous it can be when living in the forest.

The cover even has a slight fairy tale look to it with its almost wintery look and the wooden shack, even though the story itself isn’t a fairy tale.

4) A Reunion of Ghosts

Reunion of Ghosts

I don’t know about you lot, but I tend to interpret my covers quite a bit. For example, A Reunion of Ghosts is both a witty and tragic book since it involves three sisters complementing suicide. There were sections I found very witty and sections where I wanted to cry. So when I look at the cover with its mix of orange and purple, I interpret the brighter colour as the wit and the sisters’ senses of humour and the purple as the darker themes of the story. The window is also significant to the plot.

I may not remember everything about the story, but its cover is just wonderful to look at.

3) Everything, Everything

Everything Everything Picture 2

This cover’s style matches the illustrations inside. It not only adds atmosphere to the story, but, once again, interpretation. Maddy, a young adult who is allergic to the world, has a completely white room at the beginning, but when Olly moves in next door and she falls for him, she eventually adds colour to her room. Maddy even wants to explore the world with him. So, along with a white background comes a busy collection of, literally, everything – the earth, an aeroplane, jewels, headphones, the beach, etc. There are even items there that appear in the story as well, and that makes me love this cover even more!

2) We Are Okay


I read this book about two months ago and love its story just as much as I love its cover. For those who don’t know, it’s a story about grief and how a girl called Marin, who leaves her old life behind. The foreground shows Marin in her dorm room, but she’s facing towards the background, which is a beach; her old life she tries to leave behind.

That detail adds to the overall tone and I think it’s the perfect cover for this story.

1) Slade House

Slade House Picture

Every time I look at this cover, I discover something I didn’t notice the previous times I looked at it. In fact, the more I look at it, the more I realise how clever this cover is. There are items that, when seen on their own, are simply things we can all be familiar with, such as an iPhone, butterflies, birds, a candlestick, etc. Yet when put together, it sort of creates a surreal image. Items from nature are seen right next to man-made features; items from the past are seen together with today’s technology. Not only that, but after I read the book, I then noticed that some items are coloured whereas the others are black and white, which is something that happens near the end of the book!

I will not spoil it here, but all of this demonstrates what the house and its mysterious inhabitants can do and create.

I just love this cover!

Before I finish this post, here are my honourable mentions!



This is an epic novel with two stories. Read the book one way to read one story, then flip the book around to read the other one. This is just an incredibly clever way to tell two stories that are interlinked with one another. I haven’t read the book yet, but believe me, I will soon!

The Complete First Edition: The Original Folk & Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm

Brothers Grimm

I love fairy tales in general. So much so, I wrote a 2,500 word essay about them at University. I had to get my own collection, especially ones from the Brothers Grimm! This cover in particular may not have everything associated with fairy tales, such as castles, but it does other huge elements in fairy tales, such as nature, death and monsters.



Whenever I think about the book cover for Caraval, I also think about the hardcover where if you remove the outer sleeve, there is a secret book cover underneath. It’s just wonderful! Here’s my secret (yet not so secret anymore) cover:



And these are the book covers I absolutely love! I will definitely write another post about book covers if I find any more. I really wanted to write this post because book covers are important.

It goes to show that book covers, when done right, can add more to the story found inside.

What are your favourite book covers?

Thank you for reading!



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