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My Friday Thoughts – I Ask Myself Strange Questions Related To Books And Writing

Hello, people of the internet!

Today, for ‘My Friday Thoughts’, I wanted to write a post about my reading as well as my writing and I wanted to do it in a very creative way. So, I thought I’d do a Q&A session, but instead of having someone ask me questions, I’d ask myself questions.

I do have friends who could do the asking if they wanted to (honest), but I thought for today’s post, I’d be able to do something very different and perhaps even funny, especially since if I ask myself questions. Imagine the comedic possibilities!?

So, here is my Q&A session with myself!

Why, hello there! I am your interviewer for this post.

I know that. I’m writing this post, I know who you are. You’re me…I’m talking to me. This is nothing new…

My purpose in life is to ask you questions about books and writing. 

I’m writing this post, I already know this.

So, here is my first question: What book would you bring to a desert island-

Oh, that’s an easy question-

-if that desert island had a wizard, who have an army of 34 ninja, coconut crabs and a flying bucket?

…You’re very specific, especially about the amount of coconut crabs. The book I’d take to this…incredibly strange island would be Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. It’s my favourite book of the whole series because the whole Harry Potter phenomenon as well as my love for the series all began with this book. If the wizard has also read the story, we can discuss it. If not, I can always read it to him? Which ever way, I can connect with the wizard, so he wouldn’t use his crab army or flying bucket against me, and he’ll then be able to use his magic to take me home.

Why are you even on this island anyway?

You were the one who asked me that question in the first place-

Second question: You say you read a lot of different genres and you have read screenplays and play scripts, but have you read poetry?

I have read a bit of poetry when I was at University, but even since I graduated, I haven’t been reading any. Not because I don’t like it anymore, but there hasn’t been a lot of poetry that I wanted to read. There is a collection of poems called Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur that is on my TBR list, so luckily I’ll be reading more poetry soon!

Speaking of poems, you mentioned that you write stories. Do you also write poems?

Not really. The only poem I’ve written is about a shrimp that wanted to celebrate Christmas.

You can read it here if you want.

Erm…Aren’t you going to ask me more questions?

Why though? 

Well, I need someone to ask me questions, even if it’s me who’s asking them.

No, I meant why a shrimp?

Why not? I do write after all, even if my stories haven’t been published as of now.

What do you write about, other than shrimps? 

Well, anything that gets me thinking and interested. The stories I’ve written don’t always fall into the same genre. I do tackle some very dark issues, such as murder, but I have also written funny as well as sweet stories. They tend to focus on familial relationships as well as friendships, however I want to broaden the range and focus on other things. In other words, I want to write about lots of things, and so that’s what I write about. Like the shrimp poem, I wanted to write something funny that was based on an inside joke.

I see. Here’s a writing question: if you could write a sequel for any story/stories, what would it be?

Oh, that is a hard question!

Well, you are technically asking yourself questions, so you could always go back and change the questi-

I would write sequels for popular fairy tales. I would write it in a way that anyone can recognise the original fairy tales they are based on, but it instead focuses on the modern world and today’s expectations and morals.

Fair enough! You mention fairy tales a lot on your blog, why is that?

I find them very interesting. They are very often told to children, but they are sometimes very dark, especially when looked back upon as adults. There are so many variations of these fairy tales, but that’s what makes fairy tales so intriguing – they are still being told to this day in different variations, it’s like they are evolving.

My love for fairy tales has even influenced my writing. In fact, one of the stories I wrote at University for one of my assignments was called a dark fairy tale by other members of the class, even though it wasn’t my intention to do so.

There isn’t any writing on your blog though.

I am thinking of putting some of my work on my blog soon, but if you want to read them, you can go over to Charlotte’s blog Wonderfully Bookish. She does a Short Story challenge every month and I’ve participated in every one so far. Feel free to read mine as well as the other entries.

So writing and reading is a huge part of your life? So would you rather only write or only read?

I would rather only read because a lot of my inspiration comes from reading. And even though I can’t write in this weird scenario, I can still tell my stories even if I don’t write them down. So there, you didn’t trip me up!

You are trapped in the middle of the woods-

No, I’m not.

– in the middle of a storm! It’s dark and you need a fire otherwise you’ll freeze to death. But the only thing you have that can be lit is your favourite book. Would you set it on fire?

Yes. I can always buy another copy once I’m out of these woods.

What if it’s the only copy in the world?

Oh God…

Ha! I got you there!

I would have to burn it so I would survive, but I’d weep as I’m doing it.

What is your favourite book anyway?

I have loads.

Just pick one.

I would say The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I’ve written a post about why it’s very important to me.

Would you write a sequel to it?

No. I don’t think I would be doing it any honours if I did. It’s best to leave it alone.

But you’d very happily ruin fairy tales by writing sequels for them?

Don’t you have any more questions?

Yes, I do. What would you do if books became illegal and anyone associated with books, like authors, readers, publishers, etc., is to be put to death?

I’d move to a different country where books are legal?

It’s illegal around the world.

Oh…I’d still tell stories either through speech or film, whatever way I can, but I would seriously miss books! The world needs them. It’s education as well as entertainment. Books have been a very important staple in life; it holds everything together. A world without books, especially in today’s societies…I don’t think it would function very well.

You’re planning to a write a short story about this question, aren’t you?


And on that note, we have finished our Q&A for this post!

I had fun?

Well, there weren’t that many strange questions.

You could always ask me another question, you know.

Why did you write a poem about a Christmas Shrimp?

But you’ve already asked that.

I can’t get over it though.


Thank you for reading!



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