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Reading Habits I Want To Lose

Hello, people of the internet!

Yesterday, I uploadedĀ a post about reading habits I wanted to gain in order to improve my reading experiences. But if I want to gain some good reading habits, surely I want to lose some bad ones too?

Why, yes I do! And here they are.

Judging a book by the length of its chapters

I prefer to read books with shortish chapters. If a book has chapters longer than, for example, 15 pages, I struggle to get into them. Even though I have read books with very long chapters, they took me longer to read and I lost interest quicker. If I find the story and characters incredibly interesting, then it isn’t the biggest problem, but I still find myself thinking, “…so when is this chapter going to end?”

Judging a book by its cover

I know, I know! I know not to judge people by their appearance, but I judge books by their cover! Whenever I go book shopping, the first thing that grabs my attention is the cover. And if the cover isn’t to my taste? I don’t even read the blurb. What if the story is the best thing I will ever read and yet I wouldn’t give it a chance because I didn’t like the cover? I don’t want to lose a chance to discover new stories and authors because of this. This is definitely one of my worst reading habits!

Not getting rid of books!

I have a problem. Yes, I still have books I read years ago that are close to my heart that I want to keep, but what about the books I thought were mediocre or even terrible? I still have them…Why though??? I don’t even know yet I’m the one keeping them! I would have a lot more space if I did pass them on to someone else! I should go to charity shops or something, so those books could find better homes.

Skipping to the last page

Okay, I have to admit: sometimes when I’m too curious about what’s going to happen, I read the last page of the book…It doesn’t even do any good because it never makes any sense unless I’ve read the entire book! It’s a very weird, nonsensical habit that I would love to get rid of. In fact, does anyone else do this or is it just me?

Only sticking to certain genres

I have said previously in other posts that I don’t tend to have a favourite genre yet I tend to read some genres more than others. They are often thrillers, fantasy, mystery, crime and the like. Yet I have been reading more romances and comedies and it’s improving not only my reading experience, but I feel it will also improve my writing. Maybe I will write something more light-hearted?


And those were my reading habits I want to lose. Whether or not I do is another thing, but I think there is no harm in trying, especially with the whole ‘skipping to the last page’ – seriously, that needs to stop.

What are your bad reading habits?

Thank you for reading!



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5 thoughts on “Reading Habits I Want To Lose

  1. I am terrible at skipping to the last page! It’s a really bad habit and I usually end up ruining the book for myself but I just can’t help it haha

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