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My Friday Thoughts – Non-Fiction I Want To Read

Hello, people of the internet!

A few days ago, I uploaded a ‘Classic Books I Want To Read‘ post and now I want to upload a post about a different kind of genre: the non-fiction!

There was a time when I read more non-fiction than fiction – I think I was about 10 or 11 years old – when I swapped around. Now I read a lot more fiction than I do read non-fiction.

So, here are the non-fiction books that I really want to read!

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Anne Frank’s diary is incredibly well-known, and rightfully so, as Anne Frank’s diary has become a voice for many Jewish people during the Holocaust. I remember learning about the topic back in school; it was a tough subject to get through emotionally despite being interested in what had happened. Anne Frank’s diary is a book I have always wanted to read, therefore this book is definitely on my TBR list.

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

I have heard so much praise towards this book, which is an autobiography about a neurosurgeon who is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. I haven’t read an autobiography concerning terminal cancer before and I just know from the blurb that it’s going to be an emotional read.

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

When I bought this book, I didn’t know that it was an autobiography about a black woman growing up in the 1930s and suffers through racism and sexual assault – I didn’t read the blurb and decided to get it because of what I heard about it. I have always wanted to read more diverse books, so I will read this book soon!

How To Be A Victorian by Ruth Goodman

I was an absolute history nerd – no matter where or when it happened, I want to know about it! (I don’t know if that makes me curious or just nosy…) If I had to pick which period of history is my favourite, I would pick the Victorian era. Back when I was a young child, I looked forward to going into school more because we were learning about the Victorians. When I saw this book and read it was about how the common Victorian people lived, I just had to get it!

At Home (A Short History of Private Life) by Bill Bryson

Even though I loved History back in school, we were taught about the political side to it. I wasn’t as interested in political history as I was in social history, which is about how people lived. I want to know how people lived years ago and where the everyday things we do today came from! Thanks to this book, I will learn more…once I read it, that is. But hopefully it will be soon!

Trench Talk (Words of the First World War) by Peter Doyle and Julian Walker

Am I the only one who sees a word and wonders, “Where did that word come from?” So when I found out that many words in the modern English language originated from the language used in the trenches during the First World War, I wanted to know more. Now that I finally have the book in my possession (and that I have more discipline when it comes to actually reading the books I get), I will know more.

The First World War A-Z

Written by the staff from the Imperial War Museums comes a book where it gives you a quick overview of everything you need to know about the First World War. This is another history topic that I am always interested in knowing more yet gets me very emotional. It is a small book of 179 pages, so I can read this in about a day if I wanted too…and I do want to.

Danubia (A Personal History of Habsburg Europe) by Simon Winder

When I saw this book in a book shop, I had absolutely no idea what Danubia or Habsburg Europe meant. It turns out it refers to where the Habsburg family ruled: Central Europe and Germany. I have no knowledge of this area of history, so I had to get it! When I read the blurb and found it promised strange true stories about not only the strange Habsburg family, but the people and the countries they had ruled, I know this was a book for me. All I have to do now is read it!

And those are the non-fiction books I want to read! Do you read non-fiction?

Thank you for reading!



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