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Why I Love Matt Sewell’s Bird Books!

Hello, people of the internet!

I do have a wide taste in books, which is getting even bigger thanks to reading more genres and authors. I have a lot of favourite books that I have sorted into categories (I may even do a post about it in more detail?), but for today’s post, I want to talk about Matt Sewell’s books about birds, which is my favourite book in the “best illustrations” category.

Why do I want to talk about them?

Because no matter how many times I flick through these lovely, little books, I smile and feel happier.

The first book of his I ever got was the Owls: Our Most Enchanting Bird. It was a Christmas gift since I asked for a book about owls, which is by far my favourite bird! I read it all in one day and have come back to it ever since. Later I got his Our Garden Birds: A Bird Every Week Of The Year and Penguins and Other Sea Birds. I love birds in general – heck, I am redecorating my bedroom with a nature and bird theme.

Matt Sewell not only wrote the books; he created the illustrations. They are drawn and painted in watercolours. Even though the illustrations are simple, how the paint blends is just gorgeous to look at. They are illustrations that can stand out on their own and something someone could have on their wall as a decoration. Not only that, but they’re almost identical to their real-life counterparts!

The writing in the books is also wonderful. Matt Sewell gives the reader information about the birds, but writes it in a way that is understandable as well as adorable. For example, in Our Garden Birds: A Bird Every Week Of The Year, he describes how small the Firecrest and Goldcrest are:


The smallest birds in Britain, they’re so tiny this ‘v’ is the actual size of their beaks and the dot from this ‘i’ is the same size as one of their precious little peepers. Or ‘ivi’ for a life-size version.”


I think that sums up the writing in Matt Sewell’s books: informative yet creative. It doesn’t bombard the reader with lots of facts and instead balances information with adorableness.

Everything about these books is gorgeous! I may not have every bird book of Matt Sewell’s, but I am definitely a huge fan of his work!


Thank you for reading!



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