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The Changes I Want To Make On My Blog

Hello, people of the internet!

I have been blogging since November 2016 and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It have helped me focus on something creative and productive during times when I was struggling. The fact that one day it may give me amazing opportunities is one of the many reasons I continue blogging to this day, alongside being introduced to lovely people and books! Yes, I have had a few problems (who hasn’t?) and some posts didn’t do as good as others.

What I really want is to make some changes to my blog hopefully for the better!

1) Blog consistently

The only day I consistently blog on is Friday – such as today! – for ‘My Friday Thoughts’, but I feel my blog would benefit better if I uploaded on certain days as well as Friday rather than upload whenever I feel like it. I want to have a go at this to see if this would work!

2) Discuss things other than books

I have a lot of other hobbies that don’t involve books, such as dancing, sewing, and watching films and plays. It would give my blog more variety as well as something different for my readers to read. I may have to change my logo just a tad, but I have seen other bloggers do this, so why shouldn’t I to see if it works for me and my readers?

3) Post more creative writing

When it comes to creative writing, I have written pieces for my university course and posted some stuff online on other blogs, such as Wonderfully Bookish. It is time I post pieces on my blog. I will start doing that in June after BEDM.

4) Write more discussions

I have a lot of opinions on books and what’s in them. To be honest, I have ranted about them quite a bit to my family and friends. They’re also a lot of fun to write and it opens up debates. They get people thinking too!

5) Have more guest writers!

I have guest wrote for other blogs and it’s something I enjoy doing! I have said I will guest write more bloggers and I have written up plans for them, but I rarely have any guest writers on my own blog. Now, I feel it is also time for me to allow more bloggers to guest write for me. If you’re interested, feel free to contact me by email, Twitter or Facebook and we can discuss!

And those are the changes I really want to make on my blog!

Thank you for reading!



Hello, people of the internet. My name's Gemma and this is my book blog! There will be reviews of books of any genre! There will also be book hauls, discussions and much more!

2 thoughts on “The Changes I Want To Make On My Blog

  1. You should definitely talk about your other interests. You may be surprised to find many of your readers are interested in the same thing. Good luck:)

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