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Girl Hearts Girl – Book Review

Hello, people of the internet!

As part of The Little Contemporary Corner’s LGBTQ+ book club, I have read this book written by Lucy Sutcliffe, who is a YouTuber, about her self-acceptance of being a lesbian as well as finding love for the first time.

I have read LGBTQ+ themed books before, but I haven’t read an autobiography about homosexuality before. I was really excited to read this!

Girls Hearts Girl

Title: Girl Hearts Girl

Author: Lucy Sutcliffe

Publication date: 24th June 2016

Publisher: Scholastic

Pages: 273

Lucy always knew that her idea of Prince Charming was different to that of other girls…

And then she meets Kaelyn online – and everything starts to make sense. Could her Prince Charming be a girl?

An inspiring and uplifting memoir about falling in love and finding yourself.

I knew before reading this book that Lucy and Kaelyn are no longer together, but that doesn’t mean what the book is teaching us about love is wrong in any way. Also, as someone who has never watched their videos and knows very little about both Lucy and Kaelyn, I still found this book to be very enjoyable and easy to understand. So, if anyone does want to read this book, you don’t have to watch their videos to fully appreciate this book. But if you are a fan, even though Lucy doesn’t talk about her YouTube career until the last chapters of the book, you will enjoy this book.

As this book is written for a younger audience, Lucy’s writing style is simplistic and, when it comes to describing anything, it mainly ‘tells’ rather than ‘shows’, but that doesn’t make it terrible writing in this case. In fact, I really enjoyed her writing style. It does feel like her voice and it makes the story all the more personal. Come to think of it, it reminds me of the ‘Draw My Life’ videos on YouTube: whoever is telling you their life through doodles is telling you their life from birth to where they are now. Like Lucy’s book, these videos tell you their life, may not go into much detail, and also tells you of how they have changed and what they have learnt about themselves and about life. Even though they are often simplistic and don’t go into as much as detail, but they are nonetheless emotional – just like Girl Hearts Girl.

Girl Hearts Girl is something that anyone should read because Lucy does say some very thought-provoking things about self-acceptance and love. They are wise words and they made me smile when I read them. I really connected with Lucy as well because a lot of things she talked about such as being shy and having anxiety are things I struggle with. To read how she dealt with them is wonderful to read.

What else can I say? Even though the writing at times does get repetitive and I feel the writing is too simplistic for me to fully get into, I really enjoyed Girl Hearts Girl!

I will give Girl Hearts Girl 3.5 stars out of 5. If this book interests you, I would recommend you check it out.

3.5 Stars

Thank you for reading!



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