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My Friday Thoughts – My Holiday Reading Experience

Hello, people of the internet!

I’ve been on holiday this week. It was a last minute decision and I went with one of my best friends to the Greek island of Kos. As you would probably expect (as I am an avid reader), I took a few books with me.

I spent a lot of time by the pool getting a tan (and sunburnt) and reading. It was very relaxing, but I noticed a few things that I thought would be fun to discuss.

Here they are!

1) My books got wet – and that broke me inside

In the hotel I was staying at, there were no rules about diving – so quite a few people dived into pool…my books got wet. Just seeing the pages completely soaked and the edges slowly begin to disintegrate killed me inside. I was so close to even thinking, “To whoever just dived into the pool and ruined my books: when I become an author and if you like my books, I will look for you…I will find out who your favourite character is…and I will kill them off…”

Luckily, my books did dry off and they weren’t damaged beyond repair, but I made sure my books were protected from then now.

But seriously, I hate it when people dive near you and not even consider the people or the books nearby.

2) Reading on sunbeds isn’t very comfortable

No matter how I sat in any of the sunbeds, I couldn’t get comfortable. My head, arms and/or legs would get pins and needles or my neck would ache after a while. The other tourists didn’t move as much I did (I swear, I changed position every half an hour), so I wondered what tricks they had up their sleeves because I couldn’t find a reading position I could stay in for even at least half an hour.

Oh well, at least I got a bit of exercise during the days when my best friend and I just stayed near the pool and I didn’t just get tanned (and sunburnt) on just one part of my body.

3) The sun doesn’t want me to read

I’m not even kidding. The sun was either right in front of me or to the side – it was never behind me! I couldn’t even see the words on the pages without the sun blaring into my eyes or me sitting in a very odd position to avoid it.

Wearing sunglasses weren’t an option for me either. Yes, I would have been able to see the words…if I had perfect vision. I wear glasses because I’m very short-sighted. I would have had to put the book right in my face just to see it!

But not even the sun stopped me from reading! I got quite a lot of reading done! I read a book about Greek mythology, The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers and Summer Days and Summer Nights by several authors and edited by Stephanie Perkins!

Holiday Pic

Have you been on holiday? What did you read?

Thank you for reading!



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