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V. E. Schwab in Manchester – Book Event

Hello, people of the internet!

This year, I’ve been going to my first book events, which is now something I really enjoy doing and it allows me to go out and see authors and learn more about their books, the characters as well as the authors themselves. The latest book event I’ve attended was on 2nd August to see V. E. Schwab (or Victoria Schwab).

Here is what happened at the event!

Even though she discussed all of her books, she talked about the A Darker Shades of Magic and the Monsters of Verity series, as both series concluded this year, and gave a quick overview of both. They are the two series I’ve began reading as well, so when I heard how emotional they are, I believe I am now well prepared to have my heart ripped apart over fictional characters again! Of course, we all now the best books do that to you.

A topic that was discussed a lot was Victoria’s writing in general. She stated that her books are mainly about the lines between things and how they aren’t as black and white, such as good/bad and human/monster. She writes what she wants to read – that’s what she first did with her book Vicious and was surprised to see her readers are just as dark as she is! When she stops writing, everything gets muddled and she doesn’t feel sane when she isn’t writing – I completely understand where she’s coming from because I feel the same when I don’t write.

Victoria then talked about her writing process. Before she starts a book, she has to know the ending. This also applies to her characters: to know how her characters are on page one, she needs to know what they are at the end. That’s something I’ve never heard of when it comes to writing advice and it does make a lot of sense the more I think about it. Victoria does have a lot of great advice for writers. When it comes to getting ideas and inspiration for her stories, she described herself as a slow collector of ingredients for a recipe – in that it can takes years to collect enough ideas to write a story. With this in mind as well as the fact that she did write thirteen books in six years, it’s mind-boggling how she can do this and still keep a high standard in her writing.

Speaking of high standards in writing, I think the fact that she still follows literary tropes but twists them in order to make them different is one of the main reasons why her work stands out and means so much to her readers. She explained this as well as stated how she loves writing complicated relationships. And when she meant relationships, she meant other relationships such as friendships, familial ties, etc., and not just romance. She said that she doesn’t dislike romance, it’s just that she feels so many other relationships aren’t explored enough, but they need to be – which is something I agree as well as everyone else at the event agreed with completely.

As a new fan of V. E. Schwab, I have learn a lot about her personality and how funny she is – one funny story she told was that she was once given a body pillow of anime Kell (a character from her A Darker Shades of Magic series). She is a Harry Potter fan (she said she is a Slytherin, and that her male characters tend to be Hufflepuff and her female characters are Slytherin) and loves the fan art her readers make, saying how her characters very often match how she imagines them.

At the end of the event, she talked about her future releases. Her future releases include: Vengeful, coming out next September 2018; City of Ghosts (set in Scotland), coming out October 2018, and a stand alone love story, coming out in 2019.

Here’s a photo of me with V. E. Schwab (please excuse my bright red face, it was very warm and was very happy to meet her!)

V Pictures

Let me tell you about the signing: there were so many diehard fans waiting to meet her that some had all of her published works! There were towers of her books in people’s arms, waiting to meet Victoria and for her to sign every one of them and none of them complained about the long wait. It really just goes to show how much of Victoria’s books mean to her readers.

I really enjoyed this event and I can’t wait to read more of V. E. Schwab’s work!

Thank you for reading!



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