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September Summary

Hello, people of the internet!

I’ve been largely absent this month due to starting a new job. I didn’t realise how much time it takes from the week and so I took time off blogging in order to get used to my new job, responsibilities and routines. I’m honestly still getting used to it.

However, despite this, I’m happy with what I did manage to post in September and here they are!

Book Reviews:

A Change Is Gonna Come – Read-Along (Day 5)

A Change is Gonna Come Logo

For those of you who didn’t know, I took part in The Little Contemporary Corner‘s Blog Tour of A Change Is Gonna Come. A short story was chosen for me and, believe me, it was one of the best stories in the whole anthology!

And speaking of A Change Is Gonna Come

A Change Is Gonna Come – Book Review

A Change Is Gonna Come Logo

The whole anthology of short stories and poems has a variety of genres and topics to discuss. There was not one story or poem in this I thought was boring. If you wish to know more, feel free to read my full review!

Replica – Book Review

Replica Logo

This flip-book (where you read one side of the book to read one narrative, then you turn and flip the book over to read the other narrative) wasn’t the first book I read that tackled the issues of experiments and cloning, but it was something I liked nonetheless. Despite a few problems I had with it, I thought it was good.

I am now ready for what October brings!

Thank you for reading!




Hello, people of the internet. My name's Gemma and this is my book blog! There will be reviews of books of any genre! There will also be book hauls, discussions and much more!

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