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Every Day – Book Review

Hello, people of the internet!

Here is a book I read as part of the LGBTQ+ book club my friend runs in Manchester, UK. We discussed it in detail one evening and it really was a great time. Seriously, I would recommend going to a book club to discuss…well, books.

Now without further ado, here is what I thought of Every Day by David Levithan. Continue reading “Every Day – Book Review”

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The Last Thirteen Minutes – A Short Story

I was born on New Year’s Day, 1900. Exactly when midnight struck. I know this to be true: Father divided his attention equally between my birth and the clock. Mother insisted I was born a minute after, however she had admitted that her mind was otherwise too occupied to be completely sure. Continue reading “The Last Thirteen Minutes – A Short Story”

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Why I Think Flight Of A Starling Is On Par With Romeo and Juliet

Hello, people of the internet!

In the final segment of “Posts I Should Have Uploaded In March But Otherwise Couldn’t”, here is a discussion post. Before I begin, I will be talking about Flight Of A Starling in some detail, so here is a spoiler warning. Continue reading “Why I Think Flight Of A Starling Is On Par With Romeo and Juliet”

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Flight Of A Starling – Book Review

Hello, people of the internet!

Apologies for my absence in March. A lot of things in my personal life happened and I needed to focus on that. I did have posts in mind to upload in March, but I wanted to check they were good enough to post. They were two book reviews and a discussion post. Here is the first book review I wanted to upload in March!

Before I begin this review, I will be going into some spoilers, but there is a good reason for this as I’d hate anyone to read this without knowing its heavy themes of suicide. Continue reading “Flight Of A Starling – Book Review”