Hello, people of the internet. My name’s Gemma, nice to meet you! Welcome to my blog where you’ll have book-related topics such as book reviews, tags, discussions, hauls, etc.

I’m a huge fan of books. Everything about it is amazing to me. I love reading, writing and just languages in general, which could explain why I am a English Language and Creative Writing graduate. I particularly don’t have any preferences in genre. It all depends on the story itself: if it intrigues me, I will read it. However, I will honestly say that I do tend to pick books of the thriller, mystery and/or fantasy genre, but I am open-minded towards other genres.

Though reading is my first love, I have other hobbies. I love documentaries, Disney, YouTube and Harry Potter. I live in the UK and hope to become an author one day.

If you have any enquiries, head over to the ‘Contacts’ page on my blog or you can ask me over on Twitter and/or Facebook!