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A Monument To Our Friendship – A Short Story

Here, for your birthday and as a monument to our friendship, I have hung up all the photographs I have taken of you this past year. Like… Continue reading “A Monument To Our Friendship – A Short Story”

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My Friday Thoughts – Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

Hello, people of the internet!

As of you may know, or not know, I have a habit of taking part in tags that no one has tagged me in. They just look so much fun! So, I decided to pick a tag I felt was interesting, different and could allow some humour.

Here is what I happened when I tagged myself in the Zombie Apocalypse book tag! Continue reading “My Friday Thoughts – Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag”

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Briefs Encountered – Book Review

Hello, people of the internet!

In October 2016, I was introduced to the books of Julian Clary and, not too long after, read Devil in Disguise. You can read my full review here. I said that I was more than happy to read more of his books and my request was fulfilled when I came across this Briefs Encountered.

Was it worth the read? Continue reading “Briefs Encountered – Book Review”

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My Friday Thoughts – Genres I Should

Hello, people of the internet!

On Wednesday, I uploaded a post about my Top 5 Fiction Genres (which you can read here) and it got me thinking this: how about the other genres I neglected? What if there’s a story out there perfect for me and I haven’t read it because it’s a certain genre? Well, I have given it some thought and I want to discuss these genres in more detail.

So, here is a list of genres I no longer want to neglect! Continue reading “My Friday Thoughts – Genres I Should Read More Of”