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A Monument To Our Friendship – A Short Story

Here, for your birthday and as a monument to our friendship, I have hung up all the photographs I have taken of you this past year. Like… Continue reading “A Monument To Our Friendship – A Short Story”

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My Friday Thoughts – My Favourite Authors From Childhood to Right Now

Hello, people of the internet!

Today’s post will be a short, but hopefully sweet, one about authors. Not about any authors though…My favourite authors. The authors whose books I instantly want on my shelf. Whenever they release a new book, I’m right there counting down the seconds to its release.

I should mention that I don’t tend to have that many favourite authors because, whenever I’m out and about and somehow find myself in a bookshop, I instead buy books with plotlines that grab my attention, regardless of who wrote it.

Here is my list of my favourite authors; from my childhood to right now! Continue reading “My Friday Thoughts – My Favourite Authors From Childhood to Right Now”